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15384 Thursday 9/13
4:10 PM
Postdoc Lightning Talks
15378 Thursday 9/20
4:10 PM
Brendon Rhoades, University of California, San Diego The combinatorics, algebra, and geometry of ordered set partitions
15381 Thursday 9/27
4:10 PM
Igor Dolgachev, University of Michigan The reflection group of a regular tetrahedron
15420 Thursday 10/4
4:10 PM
Yang Yang, Michigan State University Some inverse source and coefficient problems for the wave operators (special colloquium)
14349 Thursday 10/11
4:10 PM
Deanna Needell, University of California, Los Angeles Simple Classification from Binary Data
14361 Thursday 10/18
4:10 PM
Frank Morgan, Williams College Double Soap Bubbles and Densities
16453 Thursday 11/1
10:00 AM
Andrew Krause, MSU TBA (special colloquium)
15382 Thursday 11/1
4:10 PM
Rustum Choksi, McGill University Nonlocal Geometric Variational Problems: Isotropic and Anisotropic Extensions of Gamow's Liquid Drop Problem and Beyond
16456 Monday 11/5
10:00 AM
Telma Gracias TBA (special colloquium)
14362 Thursday 11/8
4:10 PM
Jared Speck Singularity Formation in General Relativity
16454 Friday 11/9
10:00 AM
Tsz Ho Chan, University of Memphis TBA (special colloquium)
16469 Thursday 12/13
4:10 PM
Noam Elkies, Harvard University Sphere Packing from Cerium to Viazovska



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