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  •  Dr. Kaitlin Torphy, MSU
  •  Educational Professionalism within the Fifth Estate: Networks of Influence Within Social Media and Education
  •  10/03/2018
  •  12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  •  B310 Wells Hall

Dr. Kaitlin Torphy will speak about an emergent phenomenon, social media in education. She will present the notion of a Fifth Estate within the digital age, redefining network influence (Dutton, 2009). Dr. Torphy will review research regarding teachers’ engagement within Pinterest, a prevalent social media platform amongst teachers nationwide. In related work, she will explore how teachers are turning to social media (Pinterest) to connect with instructional resources and one another as they work to support the academic needs of their students and respond to education reforms. Dr. Torphy will provide a first look at characterizing the quality and standards alignment of over 5000 mathematics tasks within Pinterest. For more information on the work or the Teachers in Social Media project, visit



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