Department of Mathematics

Notes For Honors Students

Before Planning Your Schedule:

  1. Discuss any AP or other college credit you may already have with an adviser to see what University or college requirements you may have satisfied already.
  2. Have your Academic Progress Plan approved by the Honors College.
  3. Check with the Honors College to see who your Honors adviser is.

Options Available:

  1. You may take Honors courses in any department.
  2. You may take an Honors option in a regular course. This must be pre-approved by the instructor of the course
  3. You may take graduate courses and waive prerequisites as appropriate.

Consider the Following:

  • ATL195H in place of ATL110.
  • Honors psychology courses or Honors sociology courses in place of ISS courses.
  • Honors sections of philosophy courses such as PHL210 and PHL211 (History of Western Philosophy) or Honors history courses such as HST201H in place of IAH.
  • CEM181H-186H, Honors chemistry and Honors chemistry laboratory in place of CEM141-CEM142 and CEM161.

Specific Honors Courses for Mathematics Majors

  • MTH152H, MTH153H, MTH254H and MTH255H are the Honors equivalent of the calculus and differential equations sequence: MTH132, MTH133, MTH234, MTH235.
  • MTH418H and MTH419H are the Honors equivalents of MTH411 and MTH412.
  • MTH428H and MTH429H are the Honors equivalents of MTH421 and MTH422.
  • Previous Honors students have taken MTH828-829 (Real and Complex analysis), MTH818-819 (Abstract Algebra), MTH810 (Error-Correcting Codes), MTH870 (Set Theory), MTH880-881 (Combinatorics and Graph Theory), and some 900-level courses**.

**Most Honors students have taken graduate courses only after taking the undergraduate equivalents first.

The Honors Option

You must plan an Honors option course before approaching an instructor. An Honors option usually consists of one of the following: an extra research paper in an area of interest, additional laboratory work, an extra programming project, additional problem sets, or a tutorial sessions with other Honors students where you may be required to do additional reading and to make presentations. Many instructors have predetermined criteria for an Honors option. However, some instructors have never done an Honors option before. You must be prepared to make the burden on the instructor minimal and to do all of the Honors work in addition to the base material for the course.

You must also inform the instructor that he or she must file an administrative action form at the end of the semester, changing the transcript record of your grade from regular to Honors option.